BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterPrivsep is now required.Darren Tucker4 days
V_8_0upstream: process agent requests for RSA certificate private keys usingdjm@openbsd.org3 months
V_7_9upstream: Request RSA-SHA2 signatures fordjm@openbsd.org9 months
V_7_8shorten temporary SSH_REGRESS_TMP pathDamien Miller13 months
V_8_0_P1commit fd0fa130ec...Damien Miller5 months
V_7_9_P1commit aede1c3424...Damien Miller11 months
V_7_8_P1commit 71508e06fa...Damien Miller13 months
V_7_7_P1commit a0349a1cc4...Damien Miller18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysPrivsep is now required.HEADmasterDarren Tucker
7 daysupstream: Allow testing signature syntax and validity without
10 daysupstream: clarify that IdentitiesOnly also applies to the
10 daysupstream: Plug mem leaks on error paths, based in part on
10 daysupstream:
10 daysupstream: allow %n to be expanded in ProxyCommand
10 daysupstream: clarify that ConnectTimeout applies both to the
10 daysupstream: Fix potential truncation warning. ok
10 daysmemleak of buffer in sshpam_queryDamien Miller
10 daysexplicitly test set[ug]id() return valuesDamien Miller
2019-09-08upstream: Allow prepending a list of algorithms to the default
2019-09-08upstream: key conversion should fail for !openssl builds, not
2019-09-08upstream: typo in
2019-09-08needs time.h for --without-opensslDamien Miller
2019-09-08make unittests pass for no-openssl caseDamien Miller
2019-09-06upstream: avoid compiling certain files that deeply depend
2019-09-06upstream: fixes for !WITH_OPENSSL compilation; ok
2019-09-06upstream: lots of things were relying on libcrypto headers
2019-09-06upstream: remove leakmalloc reference; we used this early
2019-09-06upstream: Check for RSA support before using it for the user key,